About Us

Situated on the Westrand of Gauteng, Bugs and Butterflies Montessori has been established for over a decade. Bugs and Butterflies Montessori recognises the importance of a stimulating environment as a means of " freeing and maximising the child`s full potential". Our Montessori classrooms are equiped with specially designed and sequenced materials. These materials, together with highly trained Directresses (teachers),provide a classroom where the child is stimulated and challenged but never pressured. ​
We strive to cultivate in each child the skills which will enable them to become successful adults.We are committed to providing each individual child with a holistic approach to education through respect for their needs. We at Bugs and Butterflies Montessori provide a specially prepared environment that provides a place of emotional, physical and intellectual growth for children. Our aim is to foster satisfaction in learning by discovery, this leads to joy through achievement.

Our Mission

Our mission at Bugs and Butterflies Montessori is to cultivate in every child a love of learning for life!

Our Vision 

To be a school of excellence where we strive to meet the needs through the Montessori principals to benefit the child of the 21st century.

Our Values

Excellence in education based on respect for the child, self development and self-knowledge.